Customer Service

Customer Service Promise

Customer Service Promise


In a hugely crowded market, Arpal Gulf has succeeded in providing a genuine competitive edge in in their service provision. Through smart thinking, with the investment to back it up, the company has shown that their mission statement of ‘Where Service Matters Most” is more than just a company strapline.

Our daily aim is to be seen by our customers as the outstanding provider of service in our industry. With a reputation for being specialists in the catering, hospitality and leisure markets, where regular quality field service is demanded, the company is being approached by more and more clients who want to gain the benefit of its innovative approach to customer service. We realise we are in the “people business” and it is imperative that we forge outstanding customer relationships right from the very beginning of our engagement.

Arpal Gulf delivers a range of customer services to assist you in making cost effective and correct use of all our products. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, maintenance and innovation. Our aim is to constantly add value to your business - we are passionate about what we do and deliver a reliable, robust and credible added value service to cleaning contracts.

Proactive field support is critical in the smooth running of a client contract. Our clients don’t see salesmen - they see CSRs who act as technical consultants - to troubleshoot, to check that equipment is working correctly, to check that the correct stocks are on site and to ensure that chemical training of staff is offered on every visit.


Using the I-pad technology our customer service staff have access to our "Cyber-Office", giving them the tools to answer customer queries and questions. Clients are simply one click away from receiving a brochure, a products guidance sheet, a wall chart or an MSDS sheet, there and then.

Arpal Gulf has invested heavily in communications technology and our sales and service team are equipped with the latest tablet technology, so that online company documentation and training programmes can be easily accessed. This technology is also utilised to complete real-time digital service and visit reports that can be emailed directly to our office from customer premises.

Many companies say they provide “service” but this offering from Arpal Gulf is unique and not only proves their service calls are being met, consistently on time and in-full, but the call content information is verified instantly to client management.  

Productivity increased as the CSRs become more efficient and consistent in logging information which allows for instant assessment of any problems/issued arising and subsequent remedial action. HQ also uses the information to build an accurate real-time customer service profile allowing more preventative maintenance to take place, ensuring the smart and instant allocation of resources to those sites who need it most. Since the installation of this digital technology support, ad-hoc engineering call outs have been reduced by over 40%. 


Arpal Gulf has fully integrated our end to end business with our SAP Business One system. The CRM facility helps us to optimise and streamline our entire sales process; from tracking leads, sales order management and customer data to administering after-sales support. This system helps our service department provide support for the operations team to ensure client contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interaction, customer support and management of sales opportunities are maximised in a streamlined fashion. In simple terms it allows us to increase customer satisfaction by responding to customer calls faster and in a more efficient and focused way.

From visit reports and engineering updates to training records that are generated on site, information is directly available and can be instantly sent to all departments who need to know, there and then.  On the ground our customer service team provides a “hands on” approach and when coupled with this new technology, we deliver a service package that is designed to meet and exceed all our customers’ needs. 

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