Engineering Services

Engineering Services Reliability

Engineering Services Reliability


Our team of fully qualified in-house technicians installs and maintains our manual and electronic chemical dosing systems. This equipment is crucial for accurately and safely delivering precise chemical solutions for damp-wipe chemicals, liquid laundry and mechanical dishwashing and provides optimal use of our chemical range.

Wasted time is wasted money; therefore a prompt, stable, efficient and professional engineering function is absolutely critical to our capability credentials. Whether it be high maintenance in-flight catering operations, or a large commercial laundry or an estate of hotels, we apply the same principles - plan properly, and do it right first time, on time and to our customers satisfaction.

We have a great deal of expertise with our technical in the installation of liquid dosing pumps into large commercial laundries, and have sophisticated intelligence software to track consumption, temperatures and wash cycle efficiencies. In addition to this we offer mechanical dishwashing expertise and have also completed many sophisticated and complex water treatment system installations.    


Support calls and new account mobilisation requests are logged into our bespoke tracking software by our customer support services manager, whereby a service order is generated and forwarded to Logistics (for stock delivery), Engineering (for installation and our breakdowns) and Customer Services (for end user training).

We operate a simple diary system controlled and managed by our customer support service manager, allowing us to monitor and determine where our closest technician is to ensure we provide you with the service you need in the quickest possible time. By utilising our CRM software we are able to monitor and direct our services where they are needed the most. This ensures engineering requests are dealt with on-time, first-time and to our customers' expectations.

Following the completion of a new account installation, the system automatically generates a schedule of on-going service calls offering customers unrivalled engineering support. Our technicians' vehicles are well stocked with a wide variety of equipment, spares and tools, ensuring that work can be completed at the first visit. Our objective is always the same- complete the work first time, every time.


A key component is the ‘Arpal App’, which when downloaded on to a tablet asks our technicians a range of questions about a site’s dosing, stock levels, training and general care/state of assets. The technician cannot leave the site until each question has been answered and verified by the client, and the information dated and locked down.

The App is supported by sophisticated radio frequency identification (RFID) technology which uses electronic tagging devices strategically located on cleaning assets to ensure all equipment as well as dosing levels and stock control have been checked. The tags are scanned by CSRs using mobile phones, with the date, time and location logged and all information processed by HQ to create a digital site service map.

The results of this digital investment have so far been spectacular. One of the most obvious benefits to both Arpal Gulf and the client is consistency and security of service information, with a clear and immediate audit trail of servicing recorded across all client sites – however complex and geographically disparate they are.

Many companies say they provide “service” but this offering from Arpal Gulf is unique and not only proves their service calls are being met, consistently on time and in-full, but the call content information is verified instantly to client management.  

Keep as is: Performance, Chemical & Temperature Validation

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