Industry Standards & Legal Compliance

Industry Standards & Compliance

Industry Standards & Compliance


Arpal Gulf LLC has a duty of care to all of its employees, customers and suppliers, alike. When you buy into the “Blue box” partnership, you need to know that you are in safe hands, with a competent, credible and socially responsible company. We do not cut corners and believe that the platform of responsibility we have built today will provide our consumers with total peace of mind today and in the future. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure that our customers trust us to deliver, when it matters most.

Although there is no single authority providing regulation across the MENA region, the UAE has been very progressive in adopting many international standards that are used in Europe and North America to promote best practice with regard to hygiene, consumer safety and environmental protection.

Although not bound by EU Law, many working practices adopted by Arpal Gulf LLC from the outset have mirrored those of the UK parent company and follow European standards on quality, environmental and safety issues. These same standards are required and expected by most modern commercial enterprises that use commercial cleaning products. 


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