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Dubai Municipality



All Arpal Gulf LLC chemical products supplied to the food sector are registered with the Dubai Municipality and fully comply with all Municipality regulations. All of our chemical products are correctly labelled, detailing individual batch numbers, expiry dates and chemical ingredients.  The country of origin is clearly stated and bar-coding is used to allow the Dubai Municipality authorities to confirm product validity - ensuring our products are correctly registered and genuine.

The Dubai Municipality is forward-thinking with regard to control of chemical products that are used in the food industry and the Food Control Department has built a database of relevant product information, certification, labels and approvals. The database is regularly reviewed and published as a list of "Approved Chemicals and Disinfectant/Sanitisers for Food Contact Surfaces".

Only products that have been fully assessed to meet all requirements are entered onto the approved list, and the companies who manufacture/supply approved products are issued with a valid approval letter from the Dubai Municipality. Each product approval has an expiry date. This ensures that products used in the food sector are regularly tested to meet the required standards and claims made by manufacturers must be proven before re-approval is granted.