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Food Safety & Disinfection


All businesses who routinely handle food whether in a supply chain or directly supplied to members of the public understand that the reputation of their business can be damaged by incidences of food poisoning that can often result from poor hygiene or cross-contamination.

The adoption of procedures in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the use of proven disinfectants are now accepted as standard practices and Arpal Gulf LLC can provide help.

Officials from the Dubai Municipality expect food businesses to use disinfectants that comply with the European standard EN1276 to prevent cross-contamination. Arpal Gulf LLC can provide disinfectants and sanitising products that meet the EN1276 standard and can help with staff training, wall posters and support information to ensure that kitchen staff are maintaining standards and using chemical product correctly and safely.

All Arpal Gulf LLC products are supplied with Product Guidance Sheets and Safety Data Sheets that comply with current European standards.