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Food Safety: Protecting the Consumer


Arpal Gulf LLC actively encourages customers to use systems and procedures that are in line with guidelines issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK to all food handling businesses.

This was in response to a UK Government enquiry into occurrences of fatal food poisoning. The FSA guidance states that where cross-contamination cannot be avoided by strict segregation and thermal disinfection is not practicable, a 2 stage process for disinfection is required - clean first, then disinfect as a second stage.


Clean-As-You-Go Hygiene (Where there is no significant risk of cross-contamination)

Remove gross debris. Spray product directly onto the surface or equipment. Depending on the degree of soiling allow sufficient time for the product to penetrate the soil. Agitate heavily soiled areas if necessary, then simply wipe away with a clean cloth or absorbent paper to leave a fresh clean surface.

Cross-Contamination Prevention

In food handling areas where there is a risk of cross contamination, a two stage process is recommended as best practice:

Stage 1 Cleaning: Remove food debris then spray a detergent directly onto the surface or equipment and allow sufficient time for the product to penetrate the soiling, agitating heavily soiled areas if necessary. Rinse with fresh clean water or wipe down with a clean damp cloth.

Stage 2 Sanitising: Spray a disinfectant/sanitiser directly onto the surface, ensuring an even coverage. Allow sufficient contact time as recommended by the manufacturer before rinsing the surface with fresh clean water or a clean damp cloth. Allow to air-dry or dry the surface with a separate clean dry cloth.


Why a “Two-Stage” Process?

In the past it was generally accepted that a good quality sanitiser (detergent cleaner combined with a disinfecting agent) would be sufficient to clean hygienically. This is still the case where there is a negligible risk of cross-contamination (as with Clean-As-You Go Hygiene). However in areas where both raw and ready-to-eat foods are handled in the same area, there is a risk of bacteria being transferred from raw food (meat and vegetables) to cooked or ready to eat items and this may endanger the consumer.

The FSA recognise this and quote scientific evidence to support that "chemical disinfection can only be reliably achieved on a visibly clean surface and hence the need for a first stage cleaning process to remove visible dirt, food particles and debris before using the sanitiser for disinfection. When used in a single stage process these products are only suitable as an interim ‘clean-as-you-go' measure and never as a disinfection control for controlling E. coli O157 cross-contamination."

Arpal Gulf LLC offers a range of quality products for all sanitising applications that are ideal for both the cleaning and disinfection stages. 

All disinfection products are registered with Dubai Municipality and have been independently tested to the European disinfection standard BS EN 1276. Clients therefore have peace of mind in knowing that cross contamination of surfaces and equipment can be controlled and avoided with the proper dilution and application of these products.