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Arpal Gulf has built up a prominent and respected social media presence, led predominantly by the Arpal Group blog. From here our customers can access all of our social media channels. This platform is a resource-rich online library of useful content and industry updates, and is updated daily by our marketing team with various news topics covering Middle Eastern market trends.

We frequently populate the blog with cleaning ‘hot topics’ covering key subjects such as automatic dishwashing, good laundry practises, the importance of controlled dilution, the benefits of using chemical concentrates and disinfection in food safety, as well as some hard hitting opinion pieces.

Many of these subjects can be downloaded in e-book format and used for training purposes by our clients, free of charge.

We also use the blog and our websites to keep customers updated about changes to environmental and chemical safety legislation, all of which forms a major part of a robust, detailed and responsible Customer Knowledge Transfer service.


You can access the Arpal Group Blog by clicking here



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