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As safety training is in the main focuses on COSHH we have developed an On-Line e-Learning module, which allows us to spend more time on application training. The e-Learning module has been developed with the aim of ensuring key chemical safety messages are communicated and remembered and that consumers of our cleaning detergents use them as safely and as effectively as possible.

When choosing to use commercial grade cleaning chemicals from Arpal Gulf, customers know they are dealing with a reputable cleaning chemical supplier and have the comfort of knowing that the products are fit for purpose, are manufactured responsibly and comply with the law. Arpal Gulf values customer safety and it is our primary concern.

To help our customers comply with their COSHH responsibilities, we provide a free-to-use online Chemical Safety Course. The 30-minute interactive course takes participants through the necessary steps to understand all key aspects of using chemicals safely in the workplace.

The course has been established to help improve the quality of the company’s safety training, standardise key messages and significantly cut training delivery costs. The course is far more flexible than organising group training sessions and is much more informative, using excellent imagery and a professional voice-over to reinforce the message. There is also an interactive element to the course for users to gauge knowledge retention.

We know how much time and resource COSHH safety training sessions can take up, so we now offer our customers an alternative way to access chemical safety training and allow our training staff to focus on more practical training activities. These include effective product use, chemical dispenser training, troubleshooting advice and satisfying any other customer requirements. Another advantage of our e-Learning course is that individuals can complete the course in their own time rather than through pre-organised group sessions.

Thousands of people are already using our e-Learning course, and yet our calls and face-to face training sessions have not diminished. This effectively means that Arpal Gulf is delivering more training than ever before, allowing our end-user businesses to have more staff members trained – and more frequently too.


The course covers the following 5 key aspects


1. Identifying hazardous products and the CLP pictograms and importance of reading the chemical label.  

2. Helping to reduce the risk of harm by using personal protective equipment and the use of controlled dispensing systems.

3. Understanding the golden rules when handling commercial cleaning detergents.

4. To recognise the dangers of using chemical products inappropriately and the potential dangers of mixing products together.

5. What to do in the initial steps in the event of an accidental spill or splash of hazardous chemical.


The course focusses heavily on helping users understand the CLP chemical safety labelling system. It explores a typical chemical label and explains in detail about Danger and Warning signal words, hazard and precautionary statements, the hazard pictograms and the importance of wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

You can access the course FREE OF CHARGE by clicking here

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