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The Company


On 11th July 2016, Arpal Gulf Ltd celebrated 20 years of trading in the United Arab Emirates. Set up in Dubai in 1996 it has grown into a well-respected, market leading cleaning chemicals provider with a service artery running through the heart of the business.

Arpal Gulf has steadily grown in parallel with the spectacular development of the Emirates as a whole, servicing an ever maturing market across all sectors, from leisure to industry and hospitality to health. Providing a range of bespoke commercial cleaning and disinfection products, it uses its own team of engineers and field service personnel and now employs over 50 people across its sales, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing operations.
As the company established its reputation, so a team culture emerged that reflected the original RP Adam family values of honesty, integrity and professionalism. Indeed the Arpal Group’s Scottish heritage has played a large part in shaping the company and its personality as it stands today with its core values of dedicated customer service, commercial transparency and honesty forged in a changing and often volatile business environment.

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