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The History


RP Adam’s long term relationship with the Middle East began in 1977, when the company was exhibiting in London, and a chance meeting with a visitor from Saudi Arabia led to the company reaching an agreement for the import of Arpal branded chemicals into the Kingdom.

Having been the first Western company to sell cleaning and hygiene products into Saudi Arabia in 1977, the company decided to set up its own operation there in 1979, with the support and sponsorship of HRH Prince Mohammed Al Faisal Al Saud. In 1983, the company was recognised as an outstanding ambassador for UK business abroad, when it was awarded the Queens Award for Export Achievement.

As the business flourished, so did the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it was inevitable that the importation of foreign goods would be discouraged in favour of local manufacturing. In 1987, a deal was done with one of Saudi’s foremost trading families to manufacture and sell Arpal products under license in Saudi Arabia and we are proud to say that today our manufacturing and trading agreement is still going strong. In the early 1990s the company took its first steps into the Gulf and, seeing the huge potential in the region, set up Arpal Gulf LLC in 1996.

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