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Why Choose Arpal Gulf?


Arpal Gulf is credible, competent and capable of handling any size of cleaning chemical contract, providing premium quality formulations and a service package that is unrivalled in our industry. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Arpal Gulf LLC as your long term chemical partner:

  1. We are proud to be a local regional manufacturer, with our own chemical factory, warehousing and logistics departments.                        

  2. Our production facility is GMP accredited and products are registered with the Municipality to ensure the Arpal Blue Box brand quality is the same in the UAE as it is in the UK.

  3. Our disinfectants and sanitisers are all independently tested to the European BS EN 1276 standard to prove authenticity on bactericidal claims.

  4. We reduce the number of chemical lines in use to an absolute minimum.

  5. We promote, provide and maintain the use of manual and electronic controlled dilution systems wherever possible to control consumption and costs of core high volume products, backed up by a team of dedicated technicians.

  6. We eliminate the "hassle factor" of changing chemicals supplier by taking ownership of change, and working strictly to customer requirements.

  7. We always provide the best value to our customers in terms of products, service and costs.

  8. We provide proactive field service calls and preventative engineering services - all of which are logged on digital visit documentation so our clients and partners can audit our service promises against agreed key performance indicators.

  9. We offer technical assistance and advice on all cleaning problems and provide validation audits on cleaning practices and cleaning solutions.

  10. We work very hard to ensure that we forge good staff and management relationships with both our end user clients and export distributor partners.

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