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Arpal Qatar

Arpal Qatar1

In a relatively short time, Arpal Qatar has grown from what was a fledgling enterprise in April 2012 to, what is today, a highly respected trading company offering outstanding customer service to the growing commercial catering, hospitality and laundry sectors.

Qatar’s National Vision 2030 dictates the commitment of the private and public sectors towards what is soon expected to become the biggest construction site in dollars per square metre, with almost $100 billion in planned investments over the next 12 years. Our partner Daze Trading & Contracting WLL (Arpal Qatar) is an ISO Certified Company and is the exclusive agent for Arpal products in Doha, Qatar.

Arpal Qatar supplies Arpal Gulf branded cleaning and disinfection products manufactured in Dubai. Already supplying some of the biggest and best names in the commercial catering market, the Arpal Qatar sales and operations teams have already positioned the business as the number one company of choice in this highly competitive market place.

With a highly experienced team, Arpal Qatar is looking to continually grow its position in the market by providing high quality products and technical services in the hotel sector and the businesses that make up the tourism infrastructure. This investment is now well underway to cope with an influx of tourist traffic for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is anticipated that hotel rooms in the country are expected to nearly double to reach 95,000 available rooms.

The steady growth of business in Qatar is testament to the close working relationship we have with our partner who depends on our commercial and technical services support. Arpal Qatar is the blue print we now adopt with other regional export partners.


c/o Daze Trading & Contracting Company
PO Box 13816


Sales enquiries:
Telephone: +97 44 472 8707


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