RP Adam Ltd & Arpal Gulf (the Arpal Group) is Acquired by Ecolab

Posted by: Allan on December 07 2017 | Tagged: Industry News


Ecolab Inc. announced on Tuesday that it had acquired RP Adam Ltd and Arpal Gulf LLC (Arpal Group), the 126-year-old manufacturer of cleaning and disinfectant products with bases in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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Arpal Group Launches New Product Catalogues

Posted by: Allan on September 05 2017 | Tagged: Industry News

New Product Catalogues

Following the launch of the Arpal Group company brochure in April this year, we are delighted to be able to showcase two new product catalogues for Arpal Gulf based in Dubai and the UK parent company RP Adam Ltd. The clean fresh look, takes our customers and distributor sales teams through the core products and ranges provided by both companies.

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Arpal Gulf Embraces e-Learning Safety Training Programme

Posted by: Alastair Leith on August 23 2017 | Tagged: Industry News


Arpal Gulf LLC, the UAE’s leading cleaning chemical and disinfectants supplier, this month officially announced that their hazardous chemical labelling had moved over to the European CLP system, to fall into line with the UK parent company RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group). This move now allows Arpal Gulf to provide its customers with a custom built e-learning chemical safety training course.

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Arpal Gulf Launches New Hazardous Chemical Labelling System

Posted by: Alastair Leith on August 16 2017 | Tagged: Industry News

CLP News

Arpal Gulf LLC today announces it has decided to adopt the European CLP chemical labelling system for all of its cleaning and disinfection chemicals. The move ensures the UK parent company and Arpal Gulf products are labelled and classified in a uniform way and comply with the latest international safety standards.

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Arpal Gulf Partners With Specifico & Co In UAE Food Safety Drive

Posted by: Alastair Leith on July 18 2017 | Tagged: Industry News

Specifico News

Arpal Gulf announces today an official partnership with Specifico & Co, a leading Middle Eastern food and personal safety solutions provider, to compliment it’s cleaning and disinfection package for the UAE’s growing food business operator sector.

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