Arpal Group Launches New Product Catalogues

Posted by: Allan on September 05 2017 | Tagged: Industry News

New Product Catalogues

Following the launch of the Arpal Group company brochure in April this year, we are delighted to be able to showcase two new product catalogues for Arpal Gulf based in Dubai and the UK parent company RP Adam Ltd. The clean fresh look, takes our customers and distributor sales teams through the core products and ranges provided by both companies.

These two publications come on the back of the company launching the RP Adam’s UK company video in March followed by a 28 page glossy Group company brochure in April. Max Adam, Sales & Marketing Director says, “We have spent considerable time this year revamping our marketing materials, both on line and in printed format. In addition to the group brochure and the new catalogues we have also updated the Arpal Gulf website to reflect their new product labelling. We also spent some time refocussing our company blog too, to reflect our core market sectors and key competencies - these new product catalogues are the final piece of the marketing jigsaw for this year”.

Although both Arpal Gulf and RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group) primarily sell the same core cleaning and disinfection products there are variances within each of the ranges due to market demands and requirements.

Max continues, “It was really important for us to have more consistency from a group marketing perspective across the businesses, and I think we have done this in part with Arpal Gulf moving to the EU CLP hazardous labelling system and also embracing our online training module. However, we have to understand that that there are nuances between the respective product offerings of our Group businesses and affiliates and therefore it was a requirement that we needed two distinct products catalogues.”

For example as a trading company, Arpal Gulf represents Dryden Aqua for swimming pool disinfection; markets Sanosil products for fruit & vegetable disinfection and partners with Specifico for food safety consultancy. The UK company only sells RP Adam Ltd manufactured liquid and powder products.

Next on the agenda is the forthcoming launch of the new Arpal KSA product catalogue and website for the Saudi Arabian market, through our partnership with Abudawood Industrial Company (manufacturers of the Arpal brand) and Abudawood Trading Company, which should be ready in the Autumn. In addition, Arpal Gulf’s products will be prominently featured on the Al Ariq website for Oman.

For copies of the new UK catalogue please contact and for Arpal Gulf contact Alternatively, you can download the product catalogues in PDF format here:

Arpal Gulf
RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group)

The Arpal Group blog continues to be a source of interest with eight of their in-house written series yielding 125,000 views since 2015. These include an 8-part series on professional laundry; a 7-part series on CLP legislation; a 7-part series on food safety & disinfection; a 5-part series on auto-dishwashing; 17 company interviews on video; a 6-part series on chemical dosing; a 6-part series on the green debate and finally a 3-part series on digital disruption.