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The following pages provide visitors to our site with a comprehensive overview of the cleaning chemical brands and products that we manufacture and supply. We believe we have provided the market with a true menu of choice with formulations, pack sizes and dispensing systems for all cleaning and hygiene tasks in the work place today.

Visitors can browse or search by product or by cleaning category and are provided with a quick link to each product, where you will see the core “How to Use” and “Safety Advice” information on screen. We also provide a download facility where visitors can easily download a Product Guidance Sheet and a Product Safety Data Sheet.

If you have any technical questions on any of our products please feel free to contact us at and we will respond within 24 hours of your request being received.

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Arpax Concentrates

The Arpax range of concentrates is one of the best performing ranges of chemical concentrates on the market comprising 11 products to cover most if not all catering and building services cleaning applications.

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Ecopax Super Concentrates

The Ecopax super concentrate system has been developed with three key considerations in mind: chemical cleaning power, maximising positive environmental profiles of the products and to ensure the safety of the user is assured at all times.

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Brilliant Liquid & Powder Laundry

Arpal Gulf are experts in On Premises Laundry and recognise the importance of good working practices and laundry processes as part of a successful laundry solution. On invitation we review existing wash processes, and recommend improvements in conjunction with the use of our range of detergents, destainers and fabric softeners.

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Commercial Dish & Glasswashing

Mechanical dishwashing is the highest volume category of products that Arpal Gulf supplies. When you buy these products you are not just buying chemicals - you are buying spotlessly clean plates, cutlery, crockery and glass ware.

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Catering Cleaning & Disinfection

Arpal Gulf is renowned for the quality of its catering cleaning and hygiene range. We manufacture an extensive range of powerful detergents and sanitisers that allow catering/cleaning staff to combat stubborn soils effectively.

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Personal Care & Hand Care

Arpal Gulf insists that our clients promote rigorous personal care standards throughout their workforce. Our mantra has always been to help catering and hospitality businesses throughout the MENA region to serve clean food, in clean premises, but most importantly served by clean people.

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Housekeeping & Building Services

The cleaning of any public area, whether a resident/guest bedroom, a busy shopping centre or a popular bar or pub, is primarily focused on ensuring that the “visitor experience” is a positive one.

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Hard Floor Maintenance & Carpet Care

Arpal Gulf provides a range of superb hard floor treatments and carpet care products for building services managers and contractors who are tasked with cleaning and maintaining high traffic floor surfaces.

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Swimming Pool Hygiene

Arpal Gulf through its specialist division Arpal Aqua supplies innovative products and services for the treatment of private and public swimming pools throughout the UAE.

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Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

We provide clients with decades of technical experience and a wide variety of industrial hygiene and maintenance solutions.

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Magic Ready To Use

In total Arpal Gulf has access to 16 of these cleaning products which cover core daily cleaning products and some speciality products like mould and mildew remover, a biological odour digester, stainless steel polish and a foaming acid multi-surface cleaner for hard water lime-scale marks.

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