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Brilliant Liquid & Powder Laundry


Arpal Gulf are experts in On Premises Laundry and recognise the importance of good working practices and laundry processes as part of a successful laundry solution. On invitation we review existing wash processes, and recommend improvements in conjunction with the use of our range of detergents, destainers and fabric softeners. Utilising the Brilliant range of liquid and powder detergents, OPL’s will dramatically improve results and reduce re-wash rates, thus reducing overall laundry costs.

Our liquid detergents are suitable for all sizes of washer extractor machines and are dosed using sophisticated electronic liquid dosing systems. Wash programme chemical dose rates are set for each site based on local conditions, wash types and machinery, and are devised following an extensive site survey and audit of laundry wash processes. We also provide training and advice on all aspects of good OPL practices, including the handling, collection and sorting of linen, loading and unloading of the washer extractor, loading and unloading of the dryer and finishing.

Our Guide to Good Laundry Practice wall chart acts as a useful reference tool and helps operatives avoid some common mistakes, whilst ensuring good health and safety practices are fully adopted and can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.


  • You can read and download our two e-books covering the effective management of OPL and commercial laundries. Part 1 covers Chemical Types & Their Functions; Ozone, Thermal and Chemical Disinfection and Chemical Dosing & Wash Programmes. Part 2 covers Washer Extractors & How They Work; Sorting, Manual Handling & Laundry Safety; Fabric Types, Tumble Drying & Ironing and Re-Washing & Identifying Common Problems.
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