Brilliant Bleach Laundry Powder

Low temperature bleach and destaining laundry powder

Brilliant Bleach Destainer

Specially formulated chlorine based laundry destaining powder which provides excellent whitening and stain removal on white garments and fabrics. Suitable in all water conditions, the powerful oxidising action breaks down stubborn stains without weakening textile fabrics.


Brilliant Bleach Laundry Powder


Low temperature bleach and destaining laundry powder






SAP 764425

Brilliant bleach powder is used in commercial laundries and is intended for use on white cottons, linen and blends in both hard and soft water conditions. The powder is added with medium water levels during the first rinse and after the main-wash cycle. Do not use in the main-wash stage of the laundry process. Light to Medium Soiling: 1 to 2g per kg of dry load. Heavy Soiling: 3 to 5g per kg of dry load.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Always follow garment manufacturer’s instructions. Do not overload the machine – if in doubt refer to machine manufacturer’s guidance. Detergent is not suitable for the following categories: hand washing, pre-washing, silks, woollens and quick washes. Do not use for the pre-treatment of stains or allow the powder to remain in contact with damp laundry before starting the wash. For best results wash at 40°C or above.

Caution: Do not use on coloured textiles, woollens, silk, nylon or rayon. Take care to avoid spilling powder to avoid accidental bleaching of clothing and other surfaces. 


  • Always wear rubber gloves when collecting linen from areas of use i.e. bed linen, towels/ personal clothing.
  • Place in appropriate receptacle and transfer to laundry


  • Wear gloves when pre-sorting linen
  • Segregate colours and whites and check care labels


  • For un-bagged linen, load items one at a time to avoid tangling
  • Load with appropriate amount/weight of soiled linen (approximately 80% of machine capacity)
  • Select correct wash process  N.B. do not stop or advance wash cycle as this can cause chemical damage to fabrics and cause the auto dosing to fail


  • When cycle is finished, unload clean linen into a clean linen cart or trolley and transfer to dryers


  • Load dryers with appropriate load weight
  • Select correct process time including cool down option for poly-cottons
  • Do not over dry as this can cause yellowing/greying of fabrics, ironing problems and lead to fire risk
  • Remove all linen from dryer as soon as cycle is finished to minimise creasing and avoids bottle necks in laundry


  • Iron garments whilst still damp (do not allow to over dry) 


  • Neither under load nor overload the washing machines
  • Always check that pockets are empty prior to washing
  • Keep clean linen away from soiled linen or soiled carts and avoid contact with floor
  • Only wash what you have time to dry – i.e. do not leave wet washed linen overnight
  • Always ensure that the storage area for clean linen is well ventilated 

Harmful if swallowed. Irritating to eyes and respiratory system. Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Keep container tightly closed in a cool place. Wear suitable gloves. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. For detailed advice on safe handling and storage of the product refer to the Product Safety Data Sheet.

Keep out of reach of children. FOR INDUSTRIAL & INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY.


COSHH is a law that requires all employers to take steps to control substances (chemicals) that may cause harm to employees, contractors and visitors to the workplace. Every work environment will be different in terms of the hazardous chemicals that are present, and how these are used, and individual assessments may be necessary to consider how chemicals can be handled and stored safely, in addition to ensuring that appropriate PPE and training is provided for employees. Product MSDS and Product Guidance Sheets are intended to help when carrying out a COSHH assessment, however if further advice is needed with regard to specific issues in your work environment we are happy to provide advice.

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PGS: Brilliant Bleach Powder

PGS: Brilliant Bleach Powder

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MSDS: Brilliant Bleach Powder

MSDS: Brilliant Bleach Powder

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