Catering Cleaning & Disinfection


Arpal Gulf is renowned for the quality of its catering cleaning and hygiene range. We manufacture an extensive range of powerful detergents and sanitisers that allow catering/cleaning staff to combat stubborn soils effectively. Our range of stage one surface and equipment and degreasers are complimented by excellent floor cleaners for various high traffic kitchen floor surfaces including safety flooring. Grills, fat fryers, combi-oven and ranges can be maintained with the periodic use of our super-strength oven cleaners and de-carbonisers and to compliment these we provide a range of surface descalers and destaining products to keep equipment and utensils free of lime-scale deposits and tannin staining.

We also specialise in the provision of specialist catering surface sanitisers and disinfectants to provide peace of mind for the food business operator. With the correct application, food poisoning bacteria can be reduced to safe levels following methodical and regular clean down practices.

For cross-contamination prevention we recommend a two stage process as best practice with a stage 1 cleaning process followed by a stage 2 disinfection process bearing in mind that surfaces can only be disinfected if they are visibly clean.

All our surface disinfectants and sanitisers comply with the recognised international European standard of BS EN 1276: 1997 and are capable of 15 -30 second contact kill rates. Remember, as bacteria are invisible to the human eye sanitisers and disinfectants from a trusted and reputable chemical manufacturer like Arpal Gulf should be chosen to ensure effective disinfection of food contact surfaces.

We provide also provide our customers with a laminated colour coded Kitchen Hygiene Chart which can be downloaded by clicking the icon below.



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