Commercial Dish & Glasswashing


Mechanical dishwashing is the highest volume category of products that Arpal Gulf supplies. When you buy these products you are not just buying chemicals - you are buying spotlessly clean plates, cutlery, crockery and glass ware.

Our products are used in the smaller under-counter cabinet glass washers and in large-scale industrial tunnel dishwashers in the in-flight catering industry. The use of our core machine detergents and rinse additives will ensure that all items of ware washing are cleaned to pristine standards.

High quality products and ultra-safe packaging, coupled with advanced electronic dosing technology and outstanding engineering support, adds up to a package of benefits that will exceed your expectations. In addition, we provide thermal/ chemical validation services, that can be used as part of our customers’ HACCP policy as further demonstration of due diligence.

Our Guide to Good Dishwashing wall chart acts as a useful reference tool and helps operatives avoid some common mistakes, whilst ensuring good health and safety practices are fully adopted and can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.


For more information regarding best practises in professional auto dish and glass washing we have produced a detailed series of articles on our blog which cover topics such as:

  • Different machine types and how they work
  • Impact of water conditions and temperature on wash results
  • Top 10 best practises for effective dish and glass washing
  • Explanation of chemicals and auto-dosing


  • You can read and download our Auto Dish & Glass Washing e-book by clicking here.