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Ecopax Super Concentrates

Ecopax SC

The Ecopax super concentrate system has been developed with three key considerations in mind: chemical cleaning power, maximising positive environmental profiles of the products and to ensure the safety of the user is assured at all times. Commercial cleaning operatives need to feel comfortable with using concentrated chemicals and Arpal Gulf has always viewed controlled dilution as a key driver in delivering the best results in the simplest way whilst providing the best value possible.

The Arpax SC Super Concentrates are dispensed through the new dispensing and packaging system, which is based on the concept of "bringing the chemical factory to your premises safely". By combining safety, environmental and commercial benefits together in one system, we have striven to "put as much in the bottle as possible", so that the positive environmental profile is maximised, whilst making it as safe as possible for the user to use. Although the super concentrates are "hazardous", all ready to use solutions are classified as non-hazardous in use.

The system utilises five authentic super concentrated detergents and disinfectants under the Arpax SC banner. Each 2x2lt pack will yield a minimum of 400 litres of ready to use cleaning and disinfection solution. The 2lt concentrates are vended through a bottle and/or bucket water and chemical mixing station, with two products for housekeeping and building services and three for catering areas. For catering this new system actively promotes a two product-two-stage cleaning and disinfection process.

Each 2lt container is fitted with SafeLink™ to provide an ultra-safe system for dosing chemical concentrates safely. The safety mechanism in the neck of the 2lt flask forms a leak-proof connection between the chemical flask and the Ecopax dosing equipment, eliminating the chance of hazardous chemicals coming into contact with the user.

To illustrate the credentials of our super concentrates our terminal disinfectant has been tested to BE EN 1276 at a dilution of 200:1 with a 15 second contact time. Ecopax is the only true super concentrates system available on the market where cost control and waste reduction for high volume consumer businesses can finally be achieved.

For full details on the disinfection credentials of the Arpax SC sanitisers and disinfect super concentrates click here.

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