Hard Floor Maintenance & Carpet Care


Arpal Gulf provides a range of superb hard floor treatments and carpet care products for building services managers and contractors who are tasked with cleaning and maintaining high traffic floor surfaces. Many of our perfumed and odourless floor cleaners are approved for use on Altro-Safety flooring and are therefore likely to be safe to use on all similar types of safety flooring at the stated dilutions to prevent staining, chemical/surface damage or colour loss. We provide auto-dosing solutions for our floor cleaning detergents for quick-fill scrubber dryers and buckets.

Our non-biocidal Biotek product variants are suitable for domestic cleaning in hospital hotel services and for generations have proved effective at removing ingrained grime from vinyl and safety flooring but can also be used as a maintainer on laminate, sealed and polished wooden floors. When used with a buffing pad it produces a perfect satin finish.

We provide specialist products too, such as scuff mark and chewing gum remover, spot and stain remover and an odour control concentrate for carpet extraction machines. Our emulsions seals and floor polishes and are recognised as excellent finishing products within the contractor sector and are complimented with a quality range of carpet care products. When used with the appropriate machines and equipment our customers see an outstanding visual and durability result.

Frequently, poor floor care results are due to one or more factors – e.g. inadequate preparation of the floor surface, chemical residues left from previous cleaning operations, poor ventilation, lack of time, poor planning or indeed simply the incorrect choice of product for the surface in question.

We aim to prevent these mistakes taking place, by ensuring our training strips out the myths surrounding floor care. The use of our robust formulations, combined with sound on-site advice, will provide a master class finish on most hard floor surfaces and carpets.