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The cleaning of any public area, whether a resident/guest bedroom, a busy shopping centre or a popular bar or pub, is primarily focused on ensuring that the “visitor experience” is a positive one. Visitor first impressions are so important, and our range of multi-surface cleaners, wood & metal polishes and fast acting mal-odour control products give domestic cleaners the ability to clean effectively to maintain and enhance a positive guest experience.

We offer dilution control systems for the chains and high volume customers, and these systems are colour coded and alphanumeric to assist in housekeeping staff in terms of product identification and training where English is not their first language.

Our housekeeping and domestic cleaning range has been rigorously market tested to perform well in varying water conditions and offers flexibility in in terms of alternate fragrances. We believe we have built a range that provides a true menu of choice to satisfy all tastes and requirements. Our best-selling Biotek range of multi-surface cleaners and Magic range of small pack products provides the housekeeping community with all the ammunition needed to tackle the stains, soils and mal-odours which are prevalent in the busy hotel and leisure sector.

Housekeeping is a strategic asset where cleanliness is a major driver of customer loyalty, retention and growth, so cleaning suppliers and housekeepers need to collaborate to provide solutions, not problems. Our products are used in the most demanding of cleaning environments and are consistently praised for cleaning effectiveness. The range offers flexibility in terms of chemical concentrates and dispensers, standard bulk-fill and our popular ready to use range. For specialist cleaning tasks we provide a best-selling mould & mildew remover a hugely popular carpet spot & stain remover for tea and coffee staining and an innovative enzymatic odour digester which as a biological treatment can be used safely to digest and eradicate stale mal-odours from all surfaces.

Our Guide to Good Housekeeping wall chart acts as a useful reference tool and helps housekeepers choose the correct cleaning products for core and specialist cleaning tasks and can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.


  • You can read and download our article - Housekeeping: It Pays to be Clean by clicking here. The main thrust of these articles was that housekeeping and cleanliness is a strategic asset for quality hotels and other accommodation provides. Working closely with the RP Adam team, we will ensure that the cleanliness of your premises becomes a major driver of future customer loyalty, retention and growth.
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