Personal Care & Hand Care

Personalcare Hygiene

Arpal Gulf insists that our clients promote rigorous personal care standards throughout their workforce. Our mantra has always been to help catering and hospitality businesses throughout the MENA region to serve clean food, in clean premises, but most importantly served by clean people.

In all commercial premises, it is of paramount importance that all staff, guests and customers regularly wash their hands during their daily work, rest and play, to reduce the risk of potential cross contamination, a "do-it-yourself" vaccine if you like. Although most commercial enterprises understand that effective handwashing standards are paramount, it can still be over-looked, and so we focus on the five basic steps in our training sessions of: wet, lather, scrub, rinse and dry.

We provide a range of hand soaps, perfumed and un-perfumed biocidal; alcohol and non-alcohol based hand disinfectants for both back and front of house areas, including public washrooms. We also supply hair nets and vinyl hygiene gloves to ensure that our personal care and hygiene package compliments the other products we supply to the catering and hospitality sector.