Centenary Flash Rinse

Ready to use alcohol hand sanitiser

Flash Rinse 5Ltr

A fast acting alcohol hand sanitiser which in conjunction with mild odourless hand soap helps keep hands germ-free in commercial catering premises. Ideal for hotels, schools, restaurants, building services cleaning and leisure facilities.


Centenary Flash Rinse


Ready to use alcohol hand sanitiser


2x5lt, 4x5lt


60, 30


SAP 720803, SAP 720804

  • Used directly from the dispenser with the red teardrop. Always make sure that dispensers are always full. 
  • Pressing the button on the dispenser releases a small amount into the palm of the hand. 
  • Rub the disinfectant solution into hands especially in-between your fingers and finger nails properly. Allow to air dry. 
  • Remember - Do not rewash hands immediately after applying sanitiser


Good personal hygiene standards are a critical area of cleaning and disinfection within the kitchen. Most food poisoning outbreaks occur not because of infected produce or poor temperature controls, but due to poor personal hygiene by food handlers.


Important Note:

Always wash hands following handling raw food, refuse or visiting the toilet.


Good Hand Washing Practice:

Washing hands may seem easy but it can cause problems if not conducted properly. Ensure you wet your hands first then apply the soap. Remember chemicals need water to work. Make sure you clean your hands, in between your fingers and your finger nails properly. Finally, make sure you rinse all the soap off your hands once you have finished with clean water. Then dry with a paper towel. Any residues of the soap on your skin make cause an irritation with prolonged contact.


Keep Dispensers Hygienically Clean:

As a frequently touched piece of equipment, care should be taken to ensure that the soap dispensers are kept hygienically clean and that residues of soap are periodically wiped from surrounds of the dispenser and the vending nozzle.


Ghs 02

DANGER  Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Keep container tightly closed. In case of fire use water, water spray, water jet, carbon dioxide, sand, foam, alcohol resistant foam or chemical powder for extinction. Store in a well ventilated place. Keep Cool.  For further detailed information on this product please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.  FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY



COSHH is a law that requires all employers to take steps to control substances (chemicals) that may cause harm to employees, contractors and visitors to the workplace. Every work environment will be different in terms of the hazardous chemicals that are present, and how these are used, and individual assessments may be necessary to consider how chemicals can be handled and stored safely, in addition to ensuring that appropriate PPE and training is provided for employees. Product SDS and Product Guidance Sheets are intended to help when carrying out a COSHH assessment, however if further advice is needed with regard to specific issues in your work environment we are happy to provide advice. For a technical query e-mail us at:

PGS: Centenary Flash Rinse

PGS: Centenary Flash Rinse

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SDS: Centenary Flash Rinse

SDS: Centenary Flash Rinse

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