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The commercial and on premise laundry sectors are closely tied to the fortunes of the hospitality sector. Arpal Gulf’s dedicated laundry division has the experience and knowledge to provide cost effective laundry solutions for the commercial laundry sector. A commercial laundry business in contract with a hotel can service 1500 pieces of linen on a weekday and over 2000 pieces at the weekend. With the continuing rapid growth of the UAE hospitality sector, it is no surprise that the commercial laundry and OPL sectors are also growing rapidly.

With an additional 20,000 new hotel rooms scheduled to be added to the existing 80,000 dwelling spaces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi-based hotels a buoyant market has emerged for companies supplying institutional laundry. This will be further increased by Expo 2020 which will boost the hospitality sector in Dubai alone to an expected 25 million visitors and a total of 160,000 hotel rooms by 2020. The 2022 World cup will have a similar effect in Qatar.

As a consequence, the region will witness a rapid growth in new commercial laundry businesses being set up. Due to the competitive market, end users are expected to see significant benefits in terms of enhanced efficiency and reduced costs. Utilization of innovative and ground-breaking technology will increase tremendously. At the same time linen care trends in hotels and commercial laundry businesses are beginning to change with a new generation of sustainable approaches being developed.

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Fully aware that this sector has been growing significantly over the last decade to meet demand from the leisure, hospitality, travel and construction boom, we believe that a potential barrier to the professional laundry sector being able to meet this market growth, with sustainable quality, is the lack of sufficient expertise in the region. This is not to say that all laundry operators are not proficient in running their laundries, but if the market is to develop to its full potential then large scale, in-depth and on-going training is required.

All in all, the commercial laundry market in the Middle East is set for rapid growth in 2016 and beyond with some estimates predicting a 20% annual growth in 2016 over 2015.  As linens and towels are vital products critical to the day-to-day operations of hotels, growth is also expected across a range of related services such as accessories for institutional laundry, commercial, linen and chemical suppliers, as well as dyeing equipment. The Middle East is set to emerge as one of the world’s leading commercial cleaning industries in terms of quality, innovation and environmental responsibility.

The booming travel market will place additional demands on hospitality and healthcare providers to prepare for large-scale laundry demand. As one of the most respected professional chemical suppliers to commercial laundries in the region, Arpal Gulf LLC is ideally positioned to service this demand. The quality laundry liquid and powder formulations we supply together with our cutting edge dosing technology will ensure that commercial laundries will have access to top quality detergent cleaning power supported by the right technical assistance and hardware.

Although the market is very much driven by the cost of laundering items, equally important is the quality of the laundered items and in turn, therefore, the quality of the detergents and associated services. Coupled with quality formulations and cutting edge dosing technology from Arpal Gulf, commercial laundries have access to detergent cleaning power, technical assistance and the right hardware to provide a top quality, best value proposition.

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