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The “billion dollar” (FM) industry in the Gulf region is estimated to grow exponentially mainly driven by demand from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi – the industry is expected to grow by more than 20% per annum for the next five years. The UAE has invested heavily into infrastructure and the construction of public spaces such as the Metro, new airports and mega-malls.

The on-going construction boom in UAE is continuing to drive growth in the Facilities Management (FM) services sector which is now valued at Dh20 billion per annum. The constant stream of new retail, commercial and residential buildings, coupled with an increasing demand for ever-higher levels of service provision, will see the industry continue to grow healthily well into the next decade.

The industry is also changing with a move to metric driven, longer-term contracts. Facilities Management companies are also investing heavily in new technology, including automated cleaning robots, to differentiate their offering and remain competitive. Mobile/on site reporting and sophisticated employee motivation techniques are also being used to enhance the quality of cleaning services and to improve cost-efficiency. Recruitment and training issues have also become critical to the future growth of the industry.

Technological innovation is critical to a cleaning contractor’s growth and competitiveness. Contractors need to lean on their suppliers to innovate, both in terms of chemicals, janitorial supplies and machinery.

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Managing and maintaining these facilities and ensuring building and customer safety is of paramount importance. With a growing need to efficiently manage concrete assets, facilities management is becoming a popular concept in the region, as it is already in Europe and USA. This is where Arpal Gulf’s market leading digital on-site service package and the provision of super concentrates and dosing systems come into their own. We have embraced technology to drive out inefficiencies and improve service levels so that real time corrective action can be made in one of the most demanding cleaning environments.

The FM sector comprises single service providers, bundled service providers and integrated facilities management (IFM) service providers. A large number of single service providers exist and specialise in the same areas, so these companies are beginning to partner with IFM providers to protect and enhance order books. The market is attracting many new entrants, who are mostly domestic conglomerates expanding their services portfolio.

Rapid growth of the Facilities Management sector is also being seen in other parts of the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, where Arpal KSA operates, the FM sector is growing at 13 per cent per annum currently worth $29.1bn or 55 per cent of the total GCC FM market.

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