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Food Manufacturing & Processing

Arpal Gulf's core operations include the supply of institutional cleaning products and support services to the important food manufacturing and processing sectors, both of which are growing steadily. With a solid base of over 600 manufacturing firms, including many small and medium sized enterprises as well as subsidiaries of global multinationals, the UAE food processing sector is experiencing steady year on year growth.

With a vision of establishing UAE as the hub for food and beverage production in the Middle East, the food processing industry already accounts for over 10 percent of the Emirate’s industrial production. With local food consumption expected to reach Dh35 billion in 2016, rising domestic demand is creating favourable conditions for future industry growth.

With recent investments in advanced production technology, packaging and distribution capabilities, food exports to regional and global markets have also increased rapidly, to over Dh11 billion. Food traders currently export to over 160 different markets.

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With spending on food and beverages in the UAE expected to record an annual compound growth rate of 8 percent to 2018, combined with the on-going commitment to reduce import dependency, the future of the food processing industry remains rosy.

As the population of the UAE continues to rise, food manufacturers with well managed processes and impeccable hygiene standards will thrive, and will increasingly wish to work with reputable partners such as Arpal Gulf LLC, to help ensure that international hygiene standards are maintained all times.

All of this offers growth opportunities to companies like Arpal Gulf LLC., who have extensive experience in factory fabric cleaning, on-line cleaning and cleaning-in-place (CIP). It is the belief of the company that suppliers and service providers to the food & beverage manufacturing industry should also share best practice and encourage innovation so that UAE continues to enhance its position as a central manufacturing and trading hub for the region.



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