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Dubai has long been regarded throughout the world as providing some of the finest hotel and leisure facilities ever seen. With World Expo 2020 on the horizon, Dubai plans to double its visitor numbers from 10million to 20million in seven years.

Arpal Gulf has a long-standing pedigree within this sector and ensures effective training is at the heart of its service offering. As hotels are centre points for a raft of leisure activities, the sheer scale of these properties demands experienced and well managed sales support from its suppliers – every day Arpal Gulf services this demanding sector with the utmost professionalism.

Building on the rapid growth experienced over the last few decades, the UAE has the potential to become a world-class tourism and leisure destination. The Government aims to double the number of tourist arrivals over the next six years to more than 30 million visitors a year. Dubai International recently achieved the status as the world’s busiest international airport, with annual passenger traffic of nearly 70 million. An additional 40,102 hotel bed rooms are in the pipeline. Major global events such as Expo 2020 will consolidate this position even further.

In the leisure sector, there are ambitious plans to build new theme parks. The next five years will see a transformation of the UAE’s leisure and entertainment offering, including unique concepts such as the world’s first Bollywood theme park, part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts development, and the new Warner Bros. resort on Yas Island.

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In addition some of the best attractions and tourist destinations in the world are being re-imagined: Dream Island, the ‘new Ibiza’, the new Louvre and Guggenheim museums in Abu Dhabi, which are architecturally outstanding and the Dubai-I, are set to become the largest Ferris wheel in the world, almost 100m bigger than the London Eye. 

According to one recent report, the UAE leisure and entertainment market has the potential to increase by a mammoth 70 per cent on 2015 figures to encompass 45 million people by 2021. International tourists will account for 31 million, whilst residents, their relatives and friends, a further 14 million.

Arpal Gulf is one of the few companies that can offer this hotels sector with a proven and consistent service package to all core departments of the hotel. Where other companies promise the world and invariably don’t deliver on these promises, we ensure that housekeepers, stewards and laundry staff are helped at every stage of the cleaning process. Our pedigree in the hotels market is well established and our blue chip client list testifies to this fact.

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