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Valued at $11.3 billion in 2014, the UAE's food and beverage market is projected to grow by four per cent per annum to 2018 as residents increase the frequency of dining out and new outlets open on the back of surging tourist traffic. Average spend on eating out per person is also growing, currently at Dh120. The UAE is known for its mighty hospitality properties and is a global tourist destination boasting a huge variety of cuisines prepared by renowned chefs from across the world.

The eating out market continues to be one of the strongest performing sectors in the UAE. In Dubai alone, the number of outlets is expected to increase from 13,800in 2014 to 15,400 by 2018 as the Emirate targets 20 million tourists annually by 2020. Sixty-six per cent of residents eat dinner out at least once a week with casual dining restaurants, QSRs (quick service restaurants) and food courts being the most popular choices. The demand for fine dining is also increasing due to rising income levels.

While the outlook for the sector as a whole is very positive, the market has also become increasingly competitive. It has become more important than ever for operators to deliver excellent customer experiences and to innovate. Standards of hygiene and cleanliness are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.


With the food and beverage sector expected to double in size over the next five years to meet demand from hotel and retail projects, there may be a growing danger of oversupply. A further risk to the sector’s outlook is an undersupply of qualified staff and the resulting escalation in salaries for well trained and skilled employees.

The growth of the retail sector over the last decade or so has placed the UAE at the epicentre of a global retail revolution. There is no sign of any slowdown in the rate of growth. In Dubai alone, retail sales are expected to reach Dh160 billion in 2015 compared to Dh152 billion in 2014 and Dh145 billion in 2013. Despite some challenges, UAE retailers remain optimistic about future growth as reflected in the number of new mall announcements being made.

There is an industry-wide focus on good hygiene standards and food safety and this is where Arpal Gulf excels. We provide complimentary food safety training in addition to our chemical training courses and we have and are dealing with many of the leading restaurant and supermarket chains across the region.

Following extensive consultations with the Food Standards Agency (UK), we can now offer up-to-date, best practice advice covering the use of bactericidal chemical products and the correct procedures for the control of cross-contamination of food poisoning bacteria within commercial food premises.

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