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Arpal Aqua, a stand-alone specialist division of Arpal Gulf LLC, provides an innovative range of water treatment products for public and private swimming pools. We are the exclusive distributor throughout the UAE for the products and systems developed by UK-based Dryden Aqua, a highly experienced marine biology company specialising in water quality and sustainable treatment technologies.

Traditional water treatment methods attempt to fight the transmission of pathogens by using more and more powerful disinfectant chemicals, such as UVC irradiation and ozone. But the transmission of pathogens is a biological problem – so it needs a biological solution. Instead of using increasingly powerful disinfectants and expensive equipment, Arpal Aqua designs a pool water treatment process that changes the water to make it difficult for bacteria and parasites to live and reproduce.

With an inherent interest and understanding of effective and sustainable water treatment, Arpal Aqua provides a smart alternative to existing traditional methods.

Chlorine, although an excellent disinfectant, reacts with organic and inorganic substances in the water to produce potentially harmful by-products such as trichloramine which causes sore eyes and can cause damage to the lungs. Similarly, traditional sand filters are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

“As marine biologists working on chlorinated systems for dolphins in captivity we saw that many of these animals succumb to lung damage, pneumonia and neurological damage resulting from chlorine disinfection by-products. The average life-span of a dolphin in a system with a combined chlorine concentration above 0.2 mg/l is about 10 years. In their natural habitat, dolphins live for 50 years.” Dryden Aqua

Arpal Aqua now provides the cleanest possible water solutions for the UAE using a filtration system called AFM® (Active Filter Media) which is made from tiny particles ground from recycled glass.

The resulting AFM® filters are much finer than sand or quartz alternatives, producing crystal clear water. Lower chlorine consumption results in fewer by-products being produced and no unpleasant smells. AFM® is also bio-resistant so there is no bacterial growth, which means no pathogens or other viruses in the water. And with no biofilm in the filter, the system provides consistently high performance for many years – unlike sand filters which can deteriorate dramatically after 6 to 12 months.


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